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Commonplace for buyers in the project Mileticova 60 is the possibility of financing of the purchased property with a mortgage loan. For the convenience of the clients a team of mortgage professionals as well as special conditions of the mortgage.

In cooperation with selected banks for clients, we project 60 Mileticova prepared favorable conditions for mortgage funding:
 - Purchase of housing can be up to 100% financed through a mortgage loan
 - The possibility of liability purchased with byte
 - Discount of up to 100% of the processing fee for granting a loan
 - Without the need for expert opinion
 - Reduction in the interest rate up to 0.7%
 - The possibility of a gradual drawdown during the construction
 - Possibility to use state subsidy for young people
 - Fast and convenient facilities mortgages in one place through our mortgage consultant who will prepare for you FREE OF CHARGE comparison of all available funding opportunities


For more information on scheduling of payments and mortgage products will be happy to provide our dealers or mortgage specialist:
Phone: 0948 60 60 60